Key features

Proactive Search is a tool that is proactively searching for mentions of found adverse events on the Internet, including resources based on clients’ requests.

Empower Your Team and Work

Your department may work more efficiently using text mining and special algorithms by mapping the Internet.

Predicative Analytics

This feature creates a predictive model, which is based on historical data. It produces, analyzes a pattern and defines how may similar information exists in other materials.

Compliance Solution

Meets regulatory and internal standards through smart archiving and seamless integrations. Enforces your internal policies with compelling access and approval settings.

Accurate Evaluation

Based on the Machine Learning conducts the evaluation of data and generates the results.

All-in-one Security

Guards against external threats better, with full account audits, Internet monitoring, and real-time alerts.

Company builds a solution that will reduce the amount of work for drug safety manager by creating an augmented reality tool allowing to concentrate on intellectual work without wasting time on routine monitoring.

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Solution’s Overview

Regulators and pharmaceutical companies monitor the Internet posts for potential adverse drug reaction signals manually.

Pharmaceutical companies are obliged to know side effects their products cause and responsible for reporting them to the authorities. Today there are more than 6000 drugs in the world and daily new drugs are elaborated. At the same time digital content is growing at an unprecedented pace: 571 new websites are created every minute and the world generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.

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